Kids Hand Sewing-Felt Bears

A great beginner friendly sewing class for kids ages 9+

About this experience

Make an adorable felt friend to take home! Felt is a very beginner friendly medium to sew on and in this class, we will take advantage of that fact and learn 5 basic stitches useful for hand sewing and embroidery. Participants will use the stitches to embellish and sew a small stuffed bear.

Each participant will receive a felt bear body and ears as well as embroidery thread, a needle, a needle threader, stuffing and a nose piece. In the event that the project is not completed at the end of class, instructions are provided in the material kit, but scissors are not provided to take home.

Additional kits are available for purchase at the end of class.

Children partaking in the class should know how to tie a knot and be mature enough to handle a sewing needle and sharp scissors. Safety is of the utmost importance. Adults are not required but are welcomed to stay in the room, (however, please remain on the premises). There is a lovely bookstore to browse downstairs that has some seating throughout.

Recommended age is 10+